Monday, June 8, 2009

Double The Fun.


1. Do you know exactly where your room is?
-- Yes, it's somehow on the opposite side of the stairs.

2. What section are you?
-- DIWA! :-bd

3. Are you a total stranger in that school?
-- No and that kinda sucked.

4. First person to become your friend?
-- Many were already my friends but a new friend was Leslie!

5. Do you still remember your 1st day in high school?
-- Yeah! I was shouting at the corridor like some monkey on the loose.

6. Your best friend that time?
-- I don't have any but I was all-around with Jamie.

7. Who was your seatmate at that time?:
-- Ronica and Leslie. Both were English speakers so that left me with... English! :))

8. Did you have a special someone at that time?:
-- Ikaw. Yihee :"> :">

9. How many were you in your class?:
-- 42!

10. Favorite teacher?:
-- Err.. Ms. Canivel!

Ms. Canivel: May scissor ka ba? Oop, may s pala!

11. Anything significant thing happened that year?
-- My grad pic was stolen. HAHAHA.

12. Any batch theme song?
-- None.


1. Your section is:
-- Biyaya!

2. Name something special happened that year:
-- I met my friends who are with me now :D

3. How many were you in class?:
-- 42 again? :))

4. Did you have the same classmates?
-- Some.

5. Favorite place to hang out:
-- The back corridor \:D/

6. Something bad happened that year?
-- I just had my heart broken. Naks. :-j

7. Did you have a significant other
-- What? =)) OMG, kabit? Haha.

8. Batch theme song?
-- Hawak Kamay. HAHAHA. I'm kidding, I'm kidding.


1. Your section:
-- Katarungan in the house, yo.

2. Your adviser:
-- Ms. Sabordo. (Hey, hey, hey! Heypi Birthday!)

3. Favorite place to hang out.
-- Classroom. Small canteen.

4. Something memorable that happened:
-- Funny moments with Jea, my then seatmate; Interaction. Prom wasn't that memorable, eh.

... ito ay nangyari ilang lightyears na ang nakararaan.

sa di kalayuang bahagi ng silid-aralan ay may dalawang nilalang na nagtatalastasan.. tunghayan natin ang naiiba at katangi-tangi nilang pag-uusap..

Mer : Katarungan, tas may 'E'!?!?!?!?!!?

Jea : Baka TAEEE!!

Mer : Shiyaaaraaapp! Don't talk to me!!

Jea : :(( :|

Mer : Joke Lang. GRRAAABEE.


makalipas ang ilang saglit..

Jea : Brader Mer, borrow ng book...

Mer : o, ito. :)

Mer : give me my book!!

Jea : AYAW. nipahiram mo na eh..

Mer : natural akin 'to.

--- demmit. ang laboooo.

Jea : Mer, ano gagawin sa geom?

Mer : Tutunganga.

Jea : :|

Mer : punong-puno si kadors ah!

Jea : Di kasi puno eh.. kahoy kasi..

Mer : ano gusto mo? BAKAL!?

-- pasensya na. ganyan lamang talaga siya..

porket nagundergo ng WARTS REMOVAL sa OB-GYNE :) konting pag-uunawa na lamang po.


-- Jea's Multiply (02-28-08)

5. Hobby that year:
-- I laugh every... I don't know but it's so not every second.

6. Any batch theme song?
-- Soulja Boy. Amputa =)) (Squatter. Hahaha.)

7. Any significant other?
-- WTH.

8. Anything special happened that year?
-- Just read the almost the same question up there :-j


1. Your section?
-- Bayanihan :-bd

4. Anything special happened that year?
-- Remind me.

5. Have you undergone any disciplinary action?
-- Errr... muntik na. I said almost the "putang" chuva word in front of a teacher. Accidentally.

6. Any batch theme song?
--- Flying High Soaring High That's What We're Meant For And Maybeeeeeeee Weeeeee. Yeah, basta yun. :-j

I suddenly missed high school.
And if you haven't read the newspaper yesterday or something last week.
Our classes was postponed to fucking 22nd.

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