Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You're Nobody Until You Go Suicidal.

As I have stated in my Twitter page: FINALLY!

So what have I been up to these days? I haven't posted any sensible material here since the 8th which was my last update. Well, I'm not that so much busy with my life. Actually, I'm just sitting here all day and night in front of the computer for my eyes to drop to the ground.

Whatevs. Well, I've also been spending a lot of money since Day 1 of summer began. One is that I spent not too much for the clothes I needed to wear when college officially starts. And then, tomorrow the reason why I am so much excited is that Leah, Kristine, Gilleane and I are gonna shop together at Greenhills! Shoes and bags are yet to come. Hopefully.

Second, I spent too much money for Korean stuff. Super Junior & Big Bang, my most favorite groups in the whole wide world before The Script.

The BBPH stuff and Sorry, Sorry (Version C) CD! Too bad, the CD was kind of delayed... maybe because of the rain and the slow postal system here in the country?

I was originally planning on posting something more sensible here like something about the truths in life or somewhat more dramatic than that. Oh well, I guess I'm more of myself this time.

FYI, this is a short post. For me. Haha! :D

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