Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yabu Food Tasting, Robinson's Magnolia

Without any hint of hesitation, I immediately hit the reply button to Yabu's tweet:

I knew I had the chance to, again, devour on the luscious servings of Yabu's dishes so I joined. Besides, what they serve there are indeed my comfort food. As you can see, also for references, I've already posted about Yabu several times before so you can as well check back on those posts. :) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Hours later, surprisingly, I was one of the lucky 25 who they reserved invites for for their tasting event and it left me speechless. Unfortunately, Nixie was in Singapore to miss this awesome event so I had to go there alone. But then, as Effie Trinket said, "may the odds be ever in your favor!"

So, where do I begin?

An hour before the food tasting event of Yabu at their newest and second branch at Robinson's Magnolia, I strolled around the new mall first. Before the event, scheduled at 5PM, the staff were the only ones who were there when I arrived. I was privileged to have a small conversation with one of Yabu's co-owners, Sir Gerry Santos when all of the other staff members were busy preparing.

None other than Chef Kazuya Takeda (left), the Katsu Master

Let the event begin! 

Fast forward to 5:10PM, we were given our assigned seats. The waitresses (Hi, Ate Maricar!) assigned for each area of the restaurant gave the menus and we were asked to order appetizers first as the main dish will be served some time after.

For the appetizer, I had Edmame with Hiyayakko Tofu:

Your trip to Yabu wouldn't be complete without doing the "Yabu ritual"! Tip: it's better to grind the sesame seeds in a counterclockwise direction as it'll be easier, said Ate Maricar. (Close? Lol)

Seafood Set 2 consisted of (clockwise from top left): miso soup, added vegetables, sour cream sauce, Japanese rice, fruits (slices of papaya and pineapple), wasabi (on one of my visits at their Megamall branch, a friend jokingly told me that it was mustard and I tried a spoonful of it...), the main dish (two parts of salmon, a prawn and two oysters) and, of course, the unlimited shredded cabbage! 

For closer look and *coughs* to lure you to actually try them out:

I wasn't alone for this! I'm grateful I had to spend this event with new people: Krystle and Jesse (Hello! :D). What's more interesting was that Krystle is an MMA graduate that I even thought she was from CSB (sorry for being stereotypical) and Jesse was an IT student going to pursue a culinary course! Two interesting courses altogether!

What their orders were:

Seafood Katsu Set

Wakame (Appetizer) 

Sake for the final drink! 

Look who's here: "cabbage ate" from Megamall and Ms. Maricar! 

Watch out for their grand opening on August 22!! :D Follow them on Twitter, too!

Again, thank you very much, Yabu, for giving me this opportunity. I'll never get tired of the food you're serving! I know many others feel the same way. It's not everyday that we get to taste awesome Japanese katsu-s like these. Please continue on serving good food and service as well as to share the blessings! More power to you! 

Yabu: The House of Katsu
Robinson's Magnolia, LG Level
Aurora Boulevard cor. M. Hemedy St., New Manila, Quezon City

PS: I'm going to add few more photos later!

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