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We belong, Cafe 1771

A month or so back, I signed up for The Burp Society because, aside that it sounded fun to eat at a new restaurant, I'd get to meet new foodies over the metro. When I finally received the e-mail invitation from Ms. Mhel of Certified Foodies, I initially though that it's gonna be some big event wherein food bloggers would be there but, alas, to my surprise, it wasn't. And I thought that it sounded like a superb idea to spend over the weekend! I'm just blessed to be part of it. :)

So last December 16, Sunday, I met up with awesome foodies (it's weird not to call anyone with honorifics here. Haha): Norman, Mishi, David, Crystal, Kim, Jan, Karen, Karl, Sevie, Potchi and, of course, the siblings and owners of TBS, Mhel and Kenneth.

Dressed in my most casual-slash-ordinary outfit, I headed to this cafe that I've wished ever to dine in at for all of my stay in Ortigas as a student. Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas Center, is located near Podium and SM Megamall.

Obligatory group photo with all the food... (Oh, would you look at that!)

When I entered the restaurant, I was completely drawn back with the refreshing, colorful interiors and add to that the delectable view of the pastries they have in store which you will see later on. As I found my way to the reserved section for The Burp Society's meet-up, the cozy ambiance welcomed me with good vibes. In here, the Christmas feel suddenly swept through the air!

While waiting for the others to arrive, Ms. Mhel briefed us on what TBS is and how it came to be. For a brief introduction, the siblings primarily wanted to have it as a blogger-only thing; then again, they thought it was better for foodies who're not introduced to or who haven't met each other yet. The restaurants they want to visit are the ones who're far from the commercialized ones or those that are already found in malls as well as the ones who're not yet "discover-able" yet from the majority. Furthermore, their future plans include an exclusive cook-off at a member's house and a chance to dine at Van Gogh is Bipolar (my eyes instantly lit up at the mention of this!).

By the time we were already near complete, food were served and I was instantly revved up to eat dinner! They also served us dishes that are included in The Wine Bar which is a part of Cafe 1771; as well as The Whimsy and The Lounge being the other aspects of the same restaurant.
From the e-mail invitation: 
...they were a French bistro that was located in Malate back in the 90s. They reopened in 2010 as Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo due to public demand. The restaurateurs behind these concepts, Chateau Group, are headed by Ricky Gutierrez and Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco... 

Fried Squash Flowers. Very, very soft to the taste and healthy except that it's deep-fried. Then again, it's not really that heavy for my personal taste so it's all good.

Salbacho Pizza (Salami, Bacon and Chorizo). A very good combination of the things I barely eat these days as I'm trying to be a healthy eater. One can't simply resist its goodness!

Spicy Buffalo Wings w/ Blue Cheese Dip. 
This had a notable presentation with which it had a bone marrow container on the side. Sweet and spicy taste perfect for a night-out with your friends matched with your favorite drink from The Wine Bar.

Oyster Rockefelle
My favorite out of them all! Added with spinach and cheese, this must be the tastiest (though fatty) dish I've ever tasted!

Organic Chicken in Potato Crust
Good for those people who're into organic stuff (oh, I don't say do I?) but still want to take on with their guilty food pleasure with potato chips!

Wine Bar Burger with Gruyere Cheese 
That, my friends, is a bone marrow which kind of amazed me. Although I personally chose to skip this one, except for the fries, it looked dry for me. Although based on my colleague's discussions after our dinner and Karl's (Pinoy Muffin Top) blog, it was somewhat salty for the taste. 

Orange Pork Spareribs
For this one, I actually liked the sauce with that sweet taste and the stewed meat was okay.  

And my personal highlight for the night! Haha. Dessert time!! Taking photos of these one-of-a-kind pastries were more than a tastebud-ful delight for me.

Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake

Macarons de Paris 

Rose Noire Cake

Chocolate Opera Cake


Here's Sir Kirk, the marketing manager of Cafe 1771, who was there shortly before we had our sumptuous dinner. Great thanks for accommodating us and giving us this very delightful opportunity! 

The overall restaurant experience was superb considering the ambiance, the accommodation and the servers (our server's knowledge on the dishes served to us was commendable that he only had five months of experience!). As for the food itself, I guess I'll just leave it with an 8/10, taste and presentation-wise.

Cafe 1771 
El Pueblo Real De Manila J. Vargas cor. ADB Ave., 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Facebook | Twitter 

The Burp Society
Official Page | Facebook

PS: Hi from their adorably-designed washroom! :)

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