Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oppa Kogi Style!


Everytime Nixie and I go out to have lunch somewhere random in a mall, we are always able to think of new plans. Yesterday, we finally had a "one down" plan again crossed off our list and that's to eat at Kogi Bulgogi in Lucky Chinatown, Binondo, Manila.

The mall wasn't crowded as it's newly-opened though I honestly wish it wouldn't be too full in a matter of time. Or was it because it was Monday and people are either in school or at the office? Anyway...

Upon entering the restaurant, we were accommodated by a hospitable waiter and offered us the menu. We primarily had no idea on what to order! It was a mix of choices among samgyupsal, cold noodles and some others. Meanwhile, we went there when the restaurant was actually empty however, the ambiance was really good! Everything was so... oriental. Haha. Add having a Korean lunch at a Chinese mall? Just perfect.

If you haven't tried eaten (which is a must :D) at a Korean restaurant before, side dishes are always served before the main meal or whatever you ordered. In one of the Korean restaurants I have gone to, they have regular alternatives to the side dishes they were serving. Then again, at Kogi, we were served these six side dishes (banchan):

Clockwise from top left
1)  Pancake/Jeon (I don't know which specifically), 2) Cabbage kimchi, 3) Dried anchovies (myeolchi bokum), 4) Bean sprouts (kongnamul), 5) Sauteed sayote and 6) Fruit salad

 California Rolls for P130


Steamed Dumplings (Mul Mandu)

Salmon Bibimbap (~P180-P200, I can't remember)

Naeng Momil Gook Soo  (P168) - made up of buckwheat noodles served cold

We were served on time and really fast! And the bibimbap was still steaming when it was served. Also, I'd love to praise their pancake/jeon. Its taste was new to me with which it had a slight sweet flavour and you can't actually taste the vegetables in it --- if there's any. This actually made us order for more. However, we were disappointed with the serving size considering the price for the Mul Mandu (that much I can remember about the dish) and the salmon bibimbap wasn't out of the normal. Then again, the sushi was good and the sushi rice was great. Having a small stomach like mine, it was enough to make me full even before the meal! Haha, overshare. 

For the whole visit, I guess we got what we want --- food plus a good dining ambiance matched with stories between long-time-no-see friends. I'll surely try out the tofu steak next time! And say hello to Nixie! :)


Before I finally end this post, we visited Lucky Chinatown also for its movie sale which will be happening until October 31. Only P100 for the weekdays from 10AM to 3PM! It was totally worth it! 

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