Wednesday, May 16, 2012


For the past month, only a single thing has extremely occupied my schedule and that's my internship but look at me, I'm blogging again, finally! :)

Anyhoo, if any of you might be of concern on how this internship's going, well, everything's being done smoothly and still, I hope we could get this done to the expectations of our supervisor. About my work, it's not all technical especially that I'm an Information Technology student (my co-intern, Aubrey surprised me at my back while writing this. HAHAHA.) but we're handling an SAD project with utmost discretion.

SO! Enough with that. As I have mentioned here before, I sold my Nikon Coolpix P100 camera and up until now, I haven't got the time to buy a new one. Then again, there must be a reason! Instagram for Android's my current addiction for now but yeah, the thought of a "real" camera never subsides.

Few of my Instagram photos over the recent few weeks. (Instagram: _franceslim)

View from one of the buildings here in Ayala

Proud friend here! Nixie along with my two friends/ high school
batchmates, Jec and Starr, got featured in Manila Bulletin's tea features.

Last Wednesday's dinner at Yoshinoya with dear blockmates

After a Hagardo Verzosa search for 
Mother's Day gift last Friday, Kenny Roger's 
Chunky Tuna Sandwich

Last night's reward for a successful reporting at the
one and only Yabu with Chris and Jorence

My dinner in preparation for my first ever O.T! CHAR!
Chicken Teriyaki at Enraku, Food and Art Gallerie, GT Tower

Kimbap for lunch at a Korean restaurant in front
of Tong Yang Bank in V.A. Rufino Avenue. 

I still have a "hangover" over this donut at J.Co Donuts and Coffee.
Promise, sobrang sarap!! :)

Last day I ever drank green tea since I started 
to develop some gastrointestinal chorva. 

Happy hour at Starbucks is indeed happy! I've already
said this but after two years of non-Starbucks drinking, I 
finally went to have one again... a light coffee drink :)

Can't remember where this is but yeah, it's salad!

These are happy fried and soon-to-be fried eggs. 

Pre-mother's day dinner at Savory in SM Hypermarket.
This one's fish with lemon sauce. 

From my friend, Nixie. Bias aside, but this must be 
the best chocolate cupcake! I'm not an overly chocolate fan 
but this one passed my tastebuds! Promise.

AND HALT! Vote for Jessica Sanchez in American Idol, okay? Haha! (Even CBCP's praying for her win. Literally, even.)

Call 1-866-IDOLS (1-866-5701 or 07) or text "VOTE" to 5701.

VOTING TIME: Thursday (Philippines) 10 AM – 12 NOON, 1 PM – 3 PM

1.Go to and get the toll free number she got for that episode.

2. Using a Magic Jack or NetTalk phones, dial the toll free number assigned to Jessica Sanchez for that particular episode

3. If you are getting busy tone, please dial again to make sure your vote is counted.

4. You can vote as many as you want.

Ciao ahoy!


Patti said...

J.Co Donuts! Still dying to try them. ;_;

Hope we can meet one of these days since we're almost ~neighbors every weekdays!XD

czarianonuevo said...

wow!! yummy food!!

paint it stripes
New Photo Diary is up, Hope you can check it out :)

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