Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh yes, I juggle!

Whaddup, people of the world!

I'm sorry for being awesomely MIA for the past few weeks. My life feels like a whirlwind right now, you know? I'm telling you, juggling academics, debut parties and Technicolor is not an easy job. And it's hard not to get those woah! eyebags when I'm at it. My blockmate even commented me when I randomly removed my eyeglasses for some shiz that my left eye's dark circles looked like I was bitten by some cockroach.

Anyways, let's set aside the much depressing side of all these and let's talk about Christmas! Okay, I'm seriously anxious about how this time of the year will be and the fact if I'll get money from some relatives. Heehee :P

Events keep popping up again. Reunions to pre-New Year parties to our final performance for the Dream Concert! There's also the kris kringles and FGF thing-os which just leaves my pocket... empty by the end of the year. So, yep, instead of ranting about how I expect my pocket to be like that, I'm gonna post about a brief wishlist for Christmas!

1. A jumper from Forever 21 (yes, that's Tricia Gosingtian!)

2. An all-expense paid trip to Korea
(Oh, when will I ever have this?)

3. A somewhat minimalistic orange netbook case
since I'm very kuripot to buy myself these kinds of things :P

4. The last one would be cash, I guess?
(Yes, I prefer it to be in US$ DOLLARS. Hahaha!)

That would probably be it! But I guess, there'd be more since this post was made out-of-the-blue to promote this video by... the cute Jimbominbo! :3 (Though I only "discovered" his channel few hours ago. Heheh) I'm telling you, I've watched most of his videos for the past few hours and I felt the want to learn Korean emerge at that instant. (Why do I feel like I'm endorsing and using emotional appeal? xD)

'til next time! I'm hoping it would be soon! :)

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